Erynnis tristis

Common Name
Mournful Dusky-Wing
Sad Dusky-Wing

Common below 2000', including the Sacramento Valley; the only Erynnis routinely found in cities. A strong flier but not a very dedicated puddler, it is multiple-brooded, from March to October. This is the only common Dusky-Wing with a white fringe (compare E. funeralis).

Host plant oaks (Quercus), ovipositing on young, tender growth only and thus generally confined to Valley Oak (Q. lobata), which continues growing all summer, and cultivated Oaks receiving summer water, including Cork Oak (Q. suber), from the Mediterranean Region, which seems to be one of its favorites! Males hilltop in the foothills. Visits Tall Blue Verbena, Yuerba Santa, California Buckeye, etc. and a variety of garden flowers, especially Buddleia davidii.