Mitoura gryneus chalcosiva

Common Name
Juniper Hairstreak

The correct name for this entity is uncertain. Whatever you call it, it is abundant in Sierra Valley in late spring to early summer, and a few autumn individuals suggest at least the possibility of a second brood. The host is Juniper, Juniperus occidentalis. Males perch on the tree and form leks. They also puddle. Both sexes visit many flowers, especially Yarrow (Achillea) , Yellow Ivesia, Sulphur Flower (Eriogonum umbellatum), and Tansy Mustard (Descurainia). There is a great deal of minor variation in color and pattern. Nelson's Hairstreak, which is extremely closely related, occurs as close as Sattley, and the two are interdigitated along Hwy.89 between the Sagehen Creek turnout and Sierra Valley.